FaceBookAuth (0.1) imports birthdays into iCal

My first post on wordpress shouldn´t be a release of such a little odd application but still it is. I wrote this app to import my friends birthdays into iCal. Although i just wanted to get  familiar with the facebook´s Graph-API i saw this to be useful in any way.

At least you don´t have to traverse threw all the profiles. Instead you just aggree with the authorization page (nope i dont upload anything from your pc or similar) and wait a few seconds.. Then just select one facebook friend and click on the contact from the Addressbook picker on the right hand side. They´re linked and by clicking the “link” button the birthdays are copied.Screen

If you made a mistake just select a facebook entry and press the remove key on your keyboard.

The icon is taken from freeiconsweb.com


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