FaceBookAuth 0.2 (ultraalpha) adds persistence and imagesupport

Spend a whole day getting this app a little more fluid. I decided to give it a new tableview which even shows the pictures of your facebook contacts. Now even pictures will be linked to you iCal entry.


  • New FriendView with profile picture
  • Now even link the image to an addressbook entry, not just the birthdate
  • performance as app saves your facebook´s friends for not having to reload them

This is real alpha as new features bring some problems (for now):

  • you now can´t choose between linking only the birthdate or the picture but both
  • you cant see when a person is linked (will be reinvented soon)

addressbook is still the old abpeoplepickerview which makes figuring out whether a contact already has a picture or not quite nervy. Next release will get this more elegant view too!

Thanks to Coffee & Cocoa for inspiration.

PS: Here some traps i fell in:

  • picture connection of Facebook´s GraphAPI returns a HTTP 302 Response leading to the image. NSURLConnection  returns the imagedata, not an json object…
  • After changing addressbook properties you need to save it.
  • Make shure your abrecord is a person by checking
    • [addressBook recordClassFromUniqueId:addressBookFriendsID] against @”ABPerson”.
  • Only set TIFFRepresentations as images. Otherwise nothing happens
    • NSData* data = [image TIFFRepresentation];
    • [person setImageData];



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