FaceBookAuth 0.3 new view, progress-bar and small fixes

I rewrote the address-book view so now its similar to the left one. Since the native view is so overloaded and doesn´t show the profile picture i decided to replace it with. I also added a textfield showing the download process, which can be quite usefull because downloading informations ans profile pictures of a hundred friends or more (if you belong to this kind) takes quite a while.

I´m still not happy with how the user connects a facebook friend with an address book entry. It does not make much fun since you first have to choose the facebook friend and then the addressbook entry.  I sometimes find myself trying to connect in the opposite order which doesn´t work and even changes the connection of the current selected facebookfriend, if there is one. Somewhat counter intuitive.

I´d love to read suggestions! Please leave a comment if you have one.



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