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itunesScript v1.1 : iTunes Library on your Mediaplayer (including Playlists)

Some months ago I was wondering about the best way to have my iTunes Library “in sync” with my Mede8er (or any other) Mediaplayer. The First Problem was keeping my playlists,which gained high importance for me. By chance I found “iTunes Export“, a java command line application, doing a great job with some tolerable restrictions. One of them is that playlists will fail accessing podcasts since their path is absolute and not relative.. That´s why I just copy the whole Podcasts Folder to the Share and exclude all playlists containing podcasts, predominantly.

I was/am totally new to applescript but thought this was the best and easiest way getting all things together. Why spend much time on xcode doing common jobs? Mounting a smb share a single line, syncing your “Music” and (optional) your “Podcasts” Folder using rsync, parsing playlists from your library.xml using iTunes Export.

This is version 1.2. Originally posted at Mede8er-Forum.

Hope you like it!


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