iScrape 0.3 smarter and with backdrops

This is version 0.3 which i finished just a few minutes ago. I´m very happy about some users from various forums giving me feedback. Without any i absolutely had no inducement spending work on the app. I also think that certain guidelines (e.g. feature requests) make developing much more productive. Otherwise you just hack some stuff which doesn´t really feel good. Cause this is my first big “small” attempt to take care of project,  i sometimes fell like loosing my head within all these lines of code.. It got quite complex and confusing. I sometimes wonder why the app performing not too bad! Nevertheless i finally finished this version, cleared up some code and, well, added even more lines in a countermove. I´m happy about having spent some time on the app due to i really have lack of time due to my exams.


v. 0.3 (02/20/2011)

• Download backdrops (wallpaper fanart)

• (like posters) switch between backdrops and choose your favourite which will be

loaded first

• ui got a little more shiny (buttons, bigger tableviews)

• preferences have been extended for backdrops

• preference view is now a sheet (press CMD + ”,” )

• statusbar disappears when idle


• Faster recursive adding of folders • Removed bug where adding non-folders in non recursive mode was possible

Download v 0.3

Please give me feedback if you like it or NOT!


2 thoughts on “iScrape 0.3 smarter and with backdrops

  1. If you would like some feature requests:
    1. Provide possibility to resize JPG to a specific size. I need Folder.jpg with 156×232 pixels and About.jpg with 1280×720 for example. Others will need other dimensions.
    2. Provide option te determine how many folders deep need to be searched. I for example would only like the top level folders to be added. I do not want all the separate VIDEO_TS folders etc. But I can imagine that some users would like 2 or 3 folders deep.
    3. The interface needs to take new users into consideration. Clearly provide indications of how to add folders, how to start the scan in the internet movie database, provide visual feedback on number of hits, clearly indicate the download button needs to be pressed to start doing work. etc
    4. Provide scalable windows. It is especially not wide enough currently.
    5. I feel iScrape could be more flexible/intelligent about filtering out the movie name from a folder name. Currently I have to remove additions which I usually have like DVD/AVI/MKV and what language the movie is in.

    Last but not least I think the tool is already very good and usable.

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