DIY concrete lamp with switch and power outlet

Today I finished my new project, a concrete lamp with power outlet and switch for the lamp. Usually, you will only find the one or the other. Actually I’ve built a concrete lamp before butwithout the switch and a power outlet.

To build the lamp, i followed the instrocutions of this youtube video. I used 5 pieces to build a 13cm*13cm*13cm cube. I mounted two flush boxes to hold the power outlet and the switch.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t do it! Attention: Concrete might actually be conductive!

Mounting the boxes was actually more difficult than expected because the boxes overlapped by half a centimeter so I had to trim of a bit. I drilled holes for the screws to hold the boxes in place. I also used some quick concrete to seal the gaps so that no concrete could enter the boxes.

After the concrete dried (like 4 days), I carefully drilled the holes to mount the outlet and switch. Make sure your switch is a two-pole switch! Otherwise your lamp socket would eventually still be connected to phase depending on which way you plug in the power cord! Afterwards I applied two coats of concrete sealer.

Finally, I only had to connect the plug to the wire. I used white again to match the overall design which turned out to be a good choice I think. I used white heat shrink tubing as protection of the fabric cord. And finally …tada: done! Feel free to copy and comment!



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